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          About Us

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          Huanding Energy Services was founded in 1991. On September 24, 1999, it registered in Changping Sector of Zhongguancun Science Park. 

          More than 200 employees are at the head office, with full-equiped system testing center, research & development center, HES engineering center, professional machining center, non-magnetic laboratory, pressure testing center, electric fitting test center etc. Take full advantage of those military institutes for their advanced test conditions, completed batch production equipment and the advantage of human resource. According to the division of professional, set up six engineering and technical research and development department in the six institute of the subordinate companies of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation. To form the industry system of unified operation, be responsible for their respective work. And successively won various awards.

          Huanding mainly engages in research, development, design and production of well logging system, represented with HH-2580/580-series Network Data Transmission Imaging Logging System, HH-2530/530-series Super-combo Logging System and the early versions of 520-series, 521-series Logging Tools, WTC-series Production Logging Tools as well as other series tools for open hole, production, casing hole and horizontal well loggings. They are supplied to most of the oil fields in China and applied in logging services in many countries all over the world. Such as Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Chad, Niger, Iraq, Algeria, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Oman, Sudan, Yemen, Mongolia, Pakistan, Vietnam, Venezuela, Madagascar and other countries.

          Huanding has been getting the fruitful cooperation with Halliburton Energy Services, Inc. As its important partner, Huanding is taking on some important projects for Halliburton.

          In the past decades, we have experienced a difficult start-up and step-by-step development, and we are now becoming a capable, reliable and vibrant Huanding group. We appreciate CNPC, SINOPEC, CNOOC, Halliburton, LINGGAS, GOWell and VSP for their great supports. In the future, Huanding will realize the commitment to do the research of new products with greater enthusiasm and development of new logging systems with our full efforts as well as high quality service.