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          Home > Products > 531 series Super-combo Logging System

          531 Series Digital Control Logging Tool

          Aiming at the new oilfield development situation that development well is almost shallow well, deviation well and horizontal well and the number of logging items decreases, various operation modes are adopted, like drilling pipe handling, pumping-out and so on, which makes the time-sensitivity and cost control increase. For the above situation, Huanding Energy Services develops the 531 system. Based on 530 system, 531 system absorbs design technique of slim tools and simplifies the function and configuration. Transmission mode and power supply mode are different from 530 system. 531 adopts independent power sub and integrates electrical circuits and sondes. This system basically maintains the functions of 530 system and also shortens the length of the tool string. Also, the tool string is combined flexibly. The tool string can be reduced according to customer demands.
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