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          Home > Products > HH-2580 Series Logging System > 2580/580-SERIES HIGH-SPEED TRANSMISSION LOGGING SYSTEM


          Type: HH-2580/580
          producer: Huanding Energy Services
          Description: HH2580/580-series high speed transmission logging system is composed of three parts: HH2580 nets transmission logging surface system, standalone depth display panel, and 580-series logging tools.

          HH2580 surface system is compatible with the following logging tools:


          1. Connecting 530-series Downhole Tools

          The communication mode TCC (CTS) is retained, which is used for 530-series downhole tools


          The conventional 530-series downhole tools are: stiff electrode (electrode array), CCL, auxiliary measuring sub, telemetry/GR logging tool, spectrum natural GR logging sonde, compensated neutron logging sonde, common electronic circuit section 1, hydraulic pad-mounted device, MFS and LDS combined logging sonde, borehole deviation logging sonde, common electronic circuit section 2, dual lateralog logging sonde, high resolution acoustic logging sonde, X-Y caliper (4-independent-arm caliper), dual induction logging sonde, etc.

          Diplog Meter;

          Repeated Formation Tester, etc.


          2. Connecting 580-series Logging Tools

          The surface system communicates with the downhole tools by ADSL mode, which matches 580-series logging tools. 580-series logging tools are: Stiff Electrode (electrode array, SP). Digital CCL, Net-oriented Tool for Temperature Tension Mud Resistivity, Net-oriented Telemetry and GR Sub, Net-oriented Digitalized Four Arm independent Caliper, Multichannel GR Spectroscopy Tool, Net-oriented Compensated Neutron Sonde, Net-oriented nuclear electronic cartridge 1, Net-oriented Hydraulic Activation Sub, Density Sonde And Micro-spherical Focused Sonde, Net-oriented Compensated Neutron Sonde,Net-oriented Resistivity and Borehole Deviation Electric Cartridge, Net-oriented Dual Laterolog Sonde, Net-oriented Digitalized Sonic Sub, etc


          3. Connecting DITS-series Logging Tools (optional, adopting HES software)


          4. Connecting WTC-series Production Logging Tools and Annular Production Logging Tools


          5. Function of Perforating and Side Wall Coring